I graduated from college! The last few years were rather intense, and I didn’t have much time to post here. Hopefully now I will have a little time, not burdened down with excessive homework. (Just housework, etc. Alas.) I did get quite a few art pieces done, which I hope to post here soon. The first is a crested gecko I sculpted with Fimo clay, and painted with acrylics.

This is my favorite kind of gecko. I think they’re adorable in their strangeness. I thought about sealing the paint with a varnish, but rather enjoy the soft appearance of the acrylic paints. It appears closer to the skin texture of the real crested geckos, which I once had the privilege of holding.  Their skin is very, very soft, like velvet. Since I couldn’t own one of these geckos myself, I decided that having a life-size figurine would be the next best thing.

Well, that’s all for this evening.

God Bless.