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Book with Bookmark

Bookmarks add a certain character to the book you're reading...A sort of personal "I'm here!"

Unfortunately, since I worked 10 hour days this last week (think 12 hours away from home with commuting and lunch), I didn’t get anything new done on the tiger rock I have been working on. So I thought I would take today to talk about some of my other recent creations.

I read a lot. I’m always in one book or another–or several. And though I often get caught using random, nearby things as bookmarks, I love a good bookmark. I always like going by the bookmark stand in bookstores to see what new designs they have. But the designs don’t change often, and to finding good fantasy bookmark that isn’t from the latest popular movie or tv show is hard.

So I decided to start making my own bookmarks.

It started when the tassel of my favorite manufactured bookmark fell apart. Little tassel strings everywhere, leaving a skeleton of a string with a few sad, lonely little beads. The tassel is half the life of a good bookmark, in my opinion, giving it some good weight and flair. So while I was lamenting the virtual death of my bookmark, my mom handed me a print-out on how to make my own tassel.

Feathered Cat bookmark

Feathered cat bookmark with tassel

I went hunting for some good string, and some good beads, and realized another amazing thing–I love beads, but I’ve never found anything to do with them that I enjoy. I’m not a big jewelry wearer or maker, though I do find some of it to be very beautiful. But I found I can play with shape and color while choosing beads for a bookmark tassel–and I love it. I made the tassel with a few adjustments to the instructions (especially since the directions did not include beads, nor did it employ several different kinds of thread as I wanted to use). I used embroidery floss for the length of the string, and eyelash yarn for the tassel itself. I love the wild, fun look of the eyelash yarn.  The beads are free to roam the string, which I find gives it more fluidity.

Then I decided to go ahead and try making the bookmarks themselves. I have quite a bit of canvas-textured card stock that I use for cards and smaller art pieces, so I stuck some together with adhesive spray, cut them into bookmark size, rounded the corners, punched a hole in them, and drew on them. I had a little fun with them, using any medium that came to mind–colored pencil, marker, india ink, acrylic paint, gel pens. Then I painted them with several coats of glossy acrylic sealer, and made a tassel to match the colors.

Feathered cat bookmark shine

Feathered cats; showing the glossy varnish shine, and the fluffy tassel.


They’re slightly less firm than a manufactured tasseled bookmark, but much more durable, as they’re completely sealed all around. They have a canvas-like texture and a friend of mine commented that they have a slightly leathery feel. I’m quite happy how they turned out, and plan to make many more. (They’re for sale on my Etsy site if you’re interested. There are more pictures and more bookmarks.)



God Bless,