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Photo of painted tiger rock

Close up photo of the tiger's face.

The tiger rock that I have been working on is finished! Three coats of non-toxic, indoor-outdoor matte varnish give it a finished look, accentuating the lights and darks and giving it a lovely shine. The varnish gives a good texture to the rock’s feel, as well as protecting the painting beneath.

It will be a few days before I post this rock to Etsy, as I like to give a few days for the varnish to truly harden. If you’re on Facebook, “like” my page for updates on Etsy and blog postings and such. Edit: This tiger rock is reserved for the lady who requested it. Keep an eye out for other upcoming rocks, though, through my facebook page.

I’m really happy how this tiger turned out. It is, I think, one of my better artwork yet. Unfortunately it’s difficult to capture the true nature of the artwork with a camera, since the painting is done on a rounded surface, and the result of turning the 3D artwork into a 2D photograph is a little warping of the proportions. But I did my best with my spiffy new camera, and I’ve posted a gallery of photographs of the tiger from different angles below.

I hope you enjoyed following the journey of the tiger! I certainly enjoyed it, and may do something like this again in the future. I have a few rocks lined up to paint, one of which I am very excited about (which also, coincidentally, involves a tiger, albeit a white one). Also on my list is a wolf and a snow leopard, which I’m in the beginning stages of painting.

God Bless,


~~P.S. Sorry I’m late. Due to an often-changing work schedule, I am changing my posting date to be either Sundays or Mondays.~~