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Finished Wolf Rock

A rock I painted as a sleeping wolf.

I painted a wolf last week. Wolves are one of my favorite animals, and it had been a while since I’d painted one. I thought it was a time to give them a go again.

I used the same sort of process as I did with the tiger. This time, though, rather than stripes, I got to play with fluffy fur. With  fur of any kind, but especially long fur, variation is key to a realistic look. Long hairs, short hairs, hairs turning left and right and bumping into each other, thick in areas and thin in others.  This time, I also tried incorporating fluidity – by making the individual hairs curved or wavy.  Fur also tends to clump together, so I painted some fur coming together like a “V” at the tips. I’m happy with the results, and will definitely be continuing this technique.

I took pictures of the process so you could see the evolution of the fur. Some of the photos show a snippet of my work area and some of the brushes I use. I apologize for some of the blurriness; it’s hard to tell if a photo is crisp until I put it on my computer and by then it was too late to capture the earlier stages of the process. I painted this rock almost entirely in one sitting (rock picking, sealing, sketching, and varnishing excluding). The entire process from rock choice to finishing varnish coat took about 9 hours.

God Bless,