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It’s been a slow month for art. So we have a few updates today:

I’ve been sketching a few curious beasts in pen, and posting them as the header pictures for my writing blog since I changed its appearance. Nothing special, but a little artistic outlet for me when I don’t have time for deeper art:

Page of pen chimera sketches

Done with a pen in a sketchbook. You can see the cleaned up versions on the header pictures of my writing blog.

Ink sketch of a chimera

Also done in my sketchbook, with an ink liner pen.

While painting with my sister, I wanted to work on something flat, so I started this painting:

A started painting of a chimera cat

In oil painting classes, they teach you to paint a monotone background to block out the shading. I don’t do this with rocks, but thought I’d give it a try for a canvas painting. This is acrylic paint on an 8″ by 10″ canvas board.

My sister now has her own art blog, which you can see over here. She’s got some pretty cool stuff (though I’m biased) going on, and some poetry to go with some of her paintings. She’s in high school and got some awards for her paintings at the recent school art show.

Birch forest in fall, by Tamara Purrington

This is one of the pieces my sister painted. You can see more of her work here.

Some other cool things I’ve found recently or have been meaning to share:

Hopefully in July when I return to working the day shift, I’ll have more time to paint). Or at least, be less befuzzled about what time of day it is and what I should be doing at any particular moment. Until then I’ll have to make due with what time I do find to create. My projects seems a little random, but since art is mostly just an outlet for me, I tend to work on whatever speaks to me at the time. The second giraffe is on it’s way, however; and I do have another bookmark in the making, which is waiting for varnish and a tassel. That one will be going into my Etsy shop…

As a side note, I’ll soon be making some changes to the blog appearance. I realize the white text on a dark background is a pain to read, and I’m looking into finding a theme with larger text. Hopefully that will make things a little easier for everyone to read.

God Bless,