About the Artist

The artist, Teegan Purrington, smiling alongside a life-size cross fox made with faux fur.

Teegan Purrington with one of her plush creations, a cross fox.

Teegan Purrington is a self-taught artist, but took a few art classes in college to improve her craft. She has been drawing since she could hold a crayon, and since then experimented with every medium she could get her hands on. From traditional painting, digital art, sculpture, paper-crafting, and sewing, they all serve an outlet for her creative drive.

During the day she works as a microbiologist, and she loves the sciences. Botany, zoology, astronomy, geology. These often make their way into her art as well, though her favorite way to explore science is to incorporate it into the imaginative world of fantasy, to bring logic and natural wonder into the impossible.

Posted here in her art journal are the journeys of her creations from planning to completion or various chosen snippets along the way. Sometimes she may only post the completed project. For additional photos and updates, please visit her DeviantArt site: TeeganPurrington.deviantart.com.

Occasionally she also sells her creations, and can be found on Etsy under the seller name “ZephyrCatArt.”

Thank you for visiting!

God Bless,
Teegan Purrington
A.K.A. ZephyrCat.


2 thoughts on “About the Artist”

  1. Hi, I’m from ourfatherswordart on etsy. I love your blog, your a very talented artist. I also have a blog that is dedicated to my artwork, its http://ourfathersworldart.blogspot.com/

    In Christ,


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